The  Secret of Freedom is Educating People

The Secret of Tyranny is Keeping Them Ignorant!

Yesterday San Diego was treated to the spectacle of political kabuki theater. The three kings of tyranny held court on the twelfth floor of the House that Dail built, to condemn San Diego to their urban nightmare.   The lesser Kings in Council with their pension benefits in tact ruled that San Diego needs to get out of their cars and live in public squalor. The kings of media cheered them on while the new king of Horton Plaza pontificated on jobs and good will. It was a sad day for those of us who care about the beauty of San Diego.

The best council that money can buy repaid their donors with a unanimous vote to allow the Horton Plaza project to go forward.  The lapdog media that San Diego is cursed with ignores the horrendous succubus created by Ernie Hahn by reporting the original lie that created Horton Plaza. Pete Wilson still lives in Los Angles as his spawn continues to destroy the soul of San Diego. Horton Plaza was created by the power of “Eminent Domain,” with the lie it would revitalize downtown. In less than 30 years it has been allowed to disintegrate into an excuse to allow another developer to retell the lie about revitalizing downtown.  

Horton Plaza was born with the defeat of visionary Mayor Frank Curran in 1971. The Three kings of tyranny ascended into power that has continued to today unabated. From Curran’s controlled growth where you could drive to the beach on the 4th of July, find parking and enjoy the benefits of the most beautiful City in the world. We are now condemned to living in grid lock traffic, ghettos and rulers who want more of the same.

I was at the meeting with Jimbo Someck, the owner of Jimbo’s. Both of us testified before council asking to delay the approval. We both knew it was a futile, because the fix is in. Construction is due to start in months.  

I am running for Mayor to set San Diego free from the tyranny of the three kings. My campaign will center on educating the voters of San Diego. As long as we ignore our history we are doomed to repeat it. Everyone who has lived in San Diego for more than ten years has a perspective to judge how the Kings continue to approve higher density, no height restriction and a commitment to build whatever the developers want.

I will report the truth to the voters of San Diego. If you want to know what is really going on in San Diego listen to internet Radio Station

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Mike Osborne

Media Director